roger app shutting down

Tomorrow is the day that Roger shuts down

Well folks, tomorrow is the big day. Roger, the audio only group and walkie talkie app built by some of the developers for Spotify, is shutting down in order to change to a video only service (see Roger’s full announcement here).

It’s truly a sad day for the hundreds of thousands of people who used the app.

Roger, you will be missed.

However, we at Currently would like to offer ourselves as a possible Roger Replacement App, for those of you who are being forced to leave the platform.

Let me start off with, “we are not Roger.” We don’t have over 2 years of development and refinement under our belts. We merely launched this last January.

However, we are dedicated to those who value audio-only networks… those who value the power of the spoken word and the spoken story… and we will be busting our butts to get you some of the features we’re currently missing which Roger provided.

These include:

  • Group functionality
  • Previewing audio
  • iOS Voice Over implementation

However, we hope to come alongside of you as quickly as possible. Additionally, we hope to stand by you to help you as much as we can.

For those of you seeking to use Currently in the same way as Roger, here is my recommendation. Make your stream (essentially the only “group” that Currently allows as of right now) the people who you communicated with on a regular basis within Roger. You can send a message just to these people, as well as replying back to the individual who created the audio clip directly (only they receive it). You may also share it publicly on the Ocean or on your Facebook or Twitter profile as well should you so choose.

I know this isn’t how Roger was setup. I know you probably had a ton of various groups you were a member of, but in the land of audio only apps, we’re probably the closest to what you’ve lost, and I promise we’re working hard to get closer.

To show you how much we are behind you, I even want to show you our competitive landscape, showing some of our competitors, should they be a better fit for you as a user.

HeyTell lets you shoot a very short audio message to a single person.
Voxer and WeChat allow for a multitude of different mediums (text, video, audio, etc) to be sent to a few friends.
Anchor is a new way to do radio, but if you want your voice out there and don’t care who hears it, it’s a great substitute.
Lastly, there is the tried and true podcast. Tons of work, but it is a very established medium for content distribution.

audio only app landscape

Do I think any of these are a better fit for you? No, but I want you to find the solution that is right for you. I hope you, ex-Roger user, find a place to land as you make your way out into the land of replacement Roger apps, and I hope that for a few of you, Currently is a place where you can find a home.

Below are some screenshots to help you get a feel for our app. As a reminder, the Stream is where you can listen to your friends’ stories and life updates (it is double opt in, so you have to request and they have to accept before it comes up). The Ocean is where you can go to listen to the funniest or most moving audio clips that people have allowed to be public. All audio clips are allowed to be only a minute or less. Lastly, you can also post your audio clip to Facebook or Twitter should you choose to do so.

profile screen for press release record screen for press release ocean screen for Currently press release share screen for Currently press release stream screen for Currently press release

Lastly, here is an animation that explains the vision behind what I think Currently could be for folks.

Currently, the roger app replacement

If you would like to contact me directly with thoughts, suggestions, pleas for certain features, please contact me at


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