Today we are announcing the launch of Currently… through memes!
brace yourself currently meme launch


Social media doesn’t connect people anymore, it’s more about showing off or forcing your opinion on others
3rd world kid currently meme launch


Currently is a new, audio only social media site. No more memes, political rants, cat videos, pictures of food, etc.
grinds my gears currently meme launch


It connects you the way we humans originally connected, the hilarious or moving daily stories from our actual lives
sudden clarity currently meme launch


So you as the user can listen to all of your friends’ stories like a playlist, in their own voices!
nobody got time currently meme launch


And if a particular story strikes a chord with you, reply back to that friend and reminisce
toy story currently meme launch


Stories have to stay at 1 minute or less, so no long-winded stories
willy wonka currently meme launch


You can even share your best stories publicly… to see if they’ve got what it takes
most interesting man currently meme launch


And if you really want, you can even post your audio story to your Facebook or Twitter at the press of a button
grumpy cat currently meme launch


Lastly, we’re giving the profits away to help free people from human trafficking as there are nearly 30 million modern slaves today
unimpressed currently meme launch


Thanks so much for following this launch! Please download the free iOS or Android app and give us a try.
y u no currently meme launch


dwight currently meme launch



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